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We are committed to providing cutting-edge education in mobile device repair.

Our courses utilize the latest advancements in technology to ensure that our students receive the most up-to-date and relevant training available.


Assured training is a specialized approach to teaching mobile repair courses.

It focuses on providing students with a guarantee or assurance of competency and skill acquisition. In the context of mobile repair courses


We prioritize the reliable training methods when teaching mobile repair courses.

Our commitment to reliability ensures that our students receive consistent, high-quality instruction that prepares them for success.


In the rapidly evolving world of mobile phone technology, Cell Surgeons has established itself as a pioneering force in Kozhikode. Over the past decade, we have played a pivotal role in introducing the next generation of Kozhikode residents to the field of mobile phone repair. Our mission has been to make mobile phone repairs accessible and efficient by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and providing state-of-the-art infrastructure. Rapid Advancements in Mobile Technology: The world of mobile phones is marked by constant innovation and rapid advancements. Keeping pace with these changes, Cell Surgeons has continuously updated its knowledge and skills to provide top-notch repair services. We understand that as technology evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities in mobile repair. Empowering the New Generation: We take pride in nurturing the talent of the new generation in Kozhikode. By offering training and hands-on experience in mobile phone repair, we empower young individuals with valuable skills and knowledge that can set them on a path to success in this dynamic field. Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology: Cell Surgeons believes in the power of technology to drive progress. We leverage the latest repair technologies and techniques to diagnose and fix mobile phone issues efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to staying updated ensures that our customers receive the best repair solutions available.


At our repair center, we have a clear and inspiring vision: to shape a world where individuals no longer need to stress over smartphone issues. Our commitment is rooted in delivering prompt, trustworthy, and cost-effective solutions to all our customers. Let's delve deeper into what this vision entails.

Worry-Free Smartphone Experience: Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the anxiety and inconvenience that often accompanies smartphone problems. We envision a world where smartphone users can enjoy their devices without the constant concern of technical glitches, hardware failures, or software issues.


At our repair center, our mission is underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction. Let's delve into the various facets of our mission

Extending Smartphone Lifespan: Our primary objective is to prolong the lifespan of your smartphones. We believe that the value of a device extends beyond its purchase date, and with the right repairs and maintenance, smartphones can serve their users for an extended period. By addressing issues such as cracked screens, battery problems, software glitches, and hardware malfunctions, we ensure that your devices continue to function optimally.

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🗺️Real exclusive syllabus (high level hidden tricks on schematics that leads maximum level of repairing) ✅Live - (single- dual layer, white & black pasted IC'S) tricks to removing, cleaning, reballing, replacing.
☑️Live-usb flashing & unlocking
✅ Easyjtag ufi programming
☑️ Live-ISP, SPI, socket unlocking & re-programming developer knowledge
🏞️Schematic diagram of detailed diagnosing
⚙️Complete components functional knowledge
🧑🏻‍🔧Practical cold test & hot test - pull up & pull down circuits
📝Detailed explanation about primary & secondary line
✅ Explaining easy way for full short, half, semi short & much more
🔋⚡Changing section-(OVP, NTC, fake charging, all ch errors & much more get voltage divider thermistor (NTC) errors fixing by voltage divider concept)
🔗Network section-(DRX, PRX, APT, ET, QPT, 4G, 5G, WIFI, BT& much more)
📌Buck, boost, VDD, VBAT, VBUS, VSYS, VREG, LDO, VSN, VSP, SPMI, VLDOmore circuits& much
📌🥪12C, 125, 13C, MISO, MOSI, SPI, RFFE, MIPI, DSI, CSI, GPIO, INT, RST, CABC, & much more all section deep fault finding knowledge we teach (sandwitch) dual layer CPU & PCB

✅Explain the structure of the iphone (internal/external / motherboard)
⚙️Explain the iphone motherboard ICS and the problems caused by the damage of each motherboard IC
☑️ How to use itunes and solve system problems
🧑🏻‍⚖️How to judge the failure point of intermittent machine error report and benchmark analysis of restart data
🛠️the use and introduction of tools
✅Disassembly/assembly and reballing of ic with glues
📌Ic disassembling / assembling and reballing without glues
👁️How to jumper (microsoldering)
🔗How to use ZXW/WXNJI/ BORNEO repair software
⚙️How to use a multimeter to detect problems
⬆️How to upgrade memory
🪪The practical theoretical knowledge of face id.
🛠️Face id dot projector repair with jc repair tools cable solution
🧑🏻Face id flood illuminator repair
📷Face id front camera repair
📌Face id dot projector repair with jc tools cable solution
✅Different detail solutions with dot chip or flex
📝Explanation of the baseband circuit principle
☑️Diagnosis of the baseband circuit
🔶Common faults of the baseband circute
⚙️CPU reinstall A8 A16
🔋Display and battery error msg solution
⚙️🍎Solutions for all iphone problems
🥾Boot sequence with DC
✅12c spi mipi uart decoding
📈Tracing lines
🔍Finding short circits

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